JayaStainless.com melayani pembuatan Peralatan Stainless untuk industri makanan, dapur, peralatan kantor dan rumah tangga lainnya yang berbahan stainless steel Kami juga memberikan pelayanan yang lengkap dari konsultasi, design, instalasi


JAYA STAINLESS STEEL serve the making of stainless steel products such as food industry equipment, industrial equipment hospitality, office equipment and other household stainless steel.

JAYA STAINLESS STEEL also provide a complete service ranging from consultation, design, installation through to after sales service by our staff are well trained. We also have design and products with a strong construction. stainless steel with excellent quality we guarantee our product is in accordance with the needs of your stainless steel appliances.
JAYA STAINLES STEEL also gives consumers the freedom to design what they expect.

We also provide lease / Rental / Rental Queue Stainless Pole, starting from the pole and Bludru Queue Ribbon.

Stainless Steel equipment that we produce for the restaurant industry, the hotel:
- Exhoust hood.
- Shelving ( Rak-Rak) .
- Angle trolley ( shelf) .
- Sink cabinet ( cabinet sink) .
- Bain marie.
- Cabinet ( the cabinet) .

Equipment for Stainless Steel Kitchen appliances:
- Distribution Trolley ( Cart)
- Single table ( Table)
- Dim-Sum.
- Fish Table ( Table fish)
- Under Counter ( Table checkout counter)
- Rack ( shelves)
- Fruit Display ( Display the counter fruits)

Stainless Steel Equipment Other:

- Work table ( desk)

- Trash stainless, plastic dustbin

- Pole Bank Queue

- Service trolley ( cart) .
- Single bowl sink table left or right ( Table wash) ,
- Double bowl sink table,
- Cabinet sliding door ( sliding door cabinet) ,

Stainless Steel industrial equipment for the Hospital
- Bedside cabinets ( cabinet beside the bed) .
- Double bowl sink ( double sink) .
- Mayo table ( Table mayo) .
- Emergency trolley ( trolli emergency) .

( Stainless steel equipment for food industry) .

- Exhoust wall type hood
- Double exhoust island hood.
- Rack Stainless
- Angle trolley ( cart corner)
- Sink Cabinet ( sink cabinet)
- Cabinet ( the cabinet)
- Service trolley ( cart Foods)
- Food service cart
- The work table ( desk work)
- Working desk knock down ( knock down desk)
- Mixer ( agitator)
- Bowl sink ( the sink bowl)
- Single sink table ( Table 1 bowl sink)
- Double sink table ( Table 2 bowl sink)
- Tripple sink table ( Table 3 bowl sink)
- Table sink length ( Table sink bowl length)
- Food service cart ( trolley Food)
- Load transfer trolley ( cart items)
- Baggage trolleys ( freight trains)
- Wall shelves
- Standing misguided
- Trash ( Trash square)
- Grease trap
- Gas open burner
* Contractor stainless product design specialists We receive, on request from the consumer or mass production of stainless
* Workshop we have quality and high standards, quality products, good and experienced employees in the manufacturing of stainless products

* We provide, sell - sell / lease / rent pole queue, queue barrier pillar webbing and rope Bludru

We also accept cart Match Making YOUR needs, for example: loundry trolleys, goods trolleys, food trolleys, hotel trolleys, airport trolleys, hospital trolley, trolley Another inexpensive.

hand railings, gates, artwork, decorative fence, stairs escalator cladding, work stations, artistic doors, portals, doors, stairs, void, counter table, . letters, cart items

Mixing, jackets and storage tanks, vacuum vessels, conveyors, valves and sanitary fittings, plumbing and mechanical installations, pasteurization and huatreulizer, autoclaves, silon, silos, extractor, ceiling, listplank, portals, canopy, cover, letters, logos , tanks, squeezing, trolleys.
Also receive a combination of wood and stainless steel,
New design.
Specialist construction, equipment and other stainless steel precision parts mass production of small parts and special designs

On this site, We Want YOU To introduce Products What we provide. Of course YOU would Easier Without Having to see first TO Visiting Our Place. FOR YOUR Considerations In materials, goods Bwt All YOU need.

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